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Mickey Hart Band Live at Palace Theatre on 2008-07-19

Set 1:

1. Shakedown Street
2. Unknown02
3. Unknown03
4. Unknown04
5. Unknown05
6. The Other One
7. Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad

Set 2:

08. Unknown08
09. Unknown09
10. Unknown10
11. Scarlet Begonias
12. Unknown12

13. Not Fade Away

Collection MickeyHartBand
Band/Artist Mickey Hart Band
Date July 19, 2008
Venue Palace Theatre
Location Greensburg,PA

Source Set 1- Rode Nt6/nt45c -> Oade WMD660 ; Set 2- Rode NT6/sp-cc1 -> Oade WMD660 ; Encore- Rode NT6/sp-hc1 -> Oade WMD660
Lineage USB2.0-> CEP2.1-> CDWave-> FLAC
Taped by TreeSpine


-Center Section, Row K, Seat 7. 25cm X 100° @ 8'
-right channel sp-cc1 capsule bad, amplified 18db and NR applied to fix


Reviewer: nigeldavahah - - February 28, 2011
Subject: Greensburg Pa
cool show
Reviewer: GuinnessGoon - - December 2, 2008
Subject: What a fun night this was...
I really enjoyed this show. I am so glad to see it here so that I can relive the show. I love to hear different arrangements to GD songs. These guys had some stellar jams. What a great sound Mickeys band has. I just love what he brings to the table and how he interprets GD songs. Great sound and awesome groove. We had eighth row and as the show started everyone was still sitting around. It was kinda funny because everyone was looking around wondering why nobody else was up dancing. Then finally after a few minutes everybody started getting up to groove.
I can totally understand if someone wasn't into Jen, I really don't dig any female vocalist singing GD songs for that matter as I didn't dig Joan doing it either. Its not really that bad while I'm at the show but to hear it on a recording it does kinda cheapen the song for me, but its something that I got over. We met the band afterwards and had them sign our setlist and poster, to top off the night.
I remember getting to Greensburg so early to explore the town and it really didn't have anything to offer. There was two bars and really no scene or anything to do. Walking around a boring town during the peek of summer with four hours to kill isn't the greatest thing to do before a show, but the fun we had once the show started made up for it. Thanks for the recording!
Reviewer: ezphart - - July 22, 2008
Subject: she can't sing or dance
i thought the second set was short and did not care for Jen. i thought the jam before GDTRFB was nice.the otherone with the monster jam intro worth listing to without Jen 4 1/2 stars with Jen 2 1/2 stars
Reviewer: shouldbeworkingnotreviewing - - July 22, 2008
Subject: I like this sound
Every show seems to be a little different. The band is getting tighter every time they play. I like the experimentation and, of course, Kimock is amazing. Thanks Mickey and thanks taper... great sound.
Reviewer: Tom Donaldson - - July 22, 2008
Subject: MHB in Greensburg
I scored a setlist from a roadie, so here's my best shot at the setlist:
1. Shakedown Street
2. Self Defense
3. ? IFA ? (as listed on the setlist)
4. Comes The Dawn
5. Who Do You Think You Are?
6. ? Arabian Wind? > (as listed on the setlist)
The Other One >
7. Goin Down The Road Feelin' Bad

Set 2:
08. The Center Prelude >
The Center
09. Strange World
10. ? Manila Farewell ? (ska tune, title as listed on the setlist)
11. Scarlet Begonias
12. Fountains Of Wood

13. Not Fade Away >
Willie & The Hand-Jive >
Not Fade Away

The setlist indicates that the spacey jam before the Other One might be a separate song called Arabian Wind (but the list also indicates that "The Wrecking Crew" was to have preceded Scarlet, but it didn't, and GDTRFB was to have ended the second set instead of the first set, also the encore was slated to be "See You Again" instead of NFA > Hand-Jive > NFA) so it's only a strong possibility. IFA may be an acronym rather than a song title. Manila Farewell may be the ska tune before Scarlet, but who knows? Hope this helps, TD
Mickey Hart Band
by Mickey Hart Band
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Source: Set 1- Rode Nt6/nt45c -> Oade WMD660 ; Set 2- Rode NT6/sp-cc1 -> Oade WMD660 ; Encore- Rode NT6/sp-hc1 -> Oade WMD660
by moe.
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